Mentor Graphics Tessent YieldInsight Yield Analysis Solution

Mentor Graphics launched the Tessent YieldInsight yield analysis solution for manufacturers of advanced digital integrated circuits (ICs). Tessent YieldInsight statistically analyzes large volumes of production test failure diagnosis data produced by the Mentor Graphics Tessent Diagnosis tool (formerly called YieldAssist). the tool helps manufacturers recognize, locate, and fix design- and process-related yield problems to improve IC manufacturing quality levels. Tessent YieldInsight and Tessent Diagnosis are available now.

ICs being developed at advanced technology nodes of 65nm and below exhibit an increased sensitivity to small manufacturing variations. New design-specific and feature-sensitive failure mechanisms are on the rise. Complex interactions between the manufacturing process and inherently more sensitive layout features can cause systematic yield-related issues. IC manufacturers need a yield analysis methodology capable of employing logical design and layout information along with high-volume test failure data.

The Mentor Graphics Tessent solution combines the automated scan test failure collection and diagnosis capabilities in the Tessent Diagnosis tool with advanced statistical analysis and data mining techniques in the new Tessent YieldInsight product. The Tessent YieldInsight tool brings innovative design-correlated analysis methods that supplement traditional fab-centric yield management systems. In a manner consistent with yield and failure analysis tools, it steps the user through the process of selecting and filtering populations of failing die, grouping die that are failing for similar reasons, and analyzing various aspects of these populations to identify and locate systematic yield loss mechanisms.

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