Custom Processor / Programmable Accelerator Design and Implementation Webinar

Coware is offering a webinar, entitled “Custom Processor / Programmable Accelerator Design and Implementation.” The webcast will take place Wednesday, November 11, 2009 at 10:00 am Pacific (1:00 pm Eastern). The online seminar is one hour long and is free to attendees. The webinar will be presented by Drew Taussig (Senior Product Specialist for the Processor Design solutions at CoWare).

Coware Webinar Topics

  • Concepts and reasons behind developing custom processors and hardware programmable accelerators
  • Design and implementation steps and how these steps can be streamlined using efficient and powerful design tools that automate the exploration, RTL implementation and software development tools
  • How the generated processor can be used for development and verification in a Virtual Platform for Software Development, an FPGA or an RTL emulation environment

Webcast Overview
As companies are looking to improve their competitive advantage, the need for programmable hardware accelerators, ASIPs and custom processors is growing rapidly. They provide the solution to performance and flexibility challenges electronic system designers are facing today. But, in today’s economy where there are fewer resources and everyone has cost reduction on their mind, how can you design them efficiently? How can you generate efficient RTL? How can you equip the software developers with the right linker, assembler, compiler, simulator and debugger?

More info: Custom Processor / Programmable Accelerator Design and Implementation – Webinar Registration