Cypress Semiconductor Solutions IP for PSoC 3 Architectures

Cypress Semiconductor rolled out over 30 intellectual property (IP) elements for the new PSoC 3 programmable system-on-chip architectures. The embedded design resources include example projects, application notes, and solution overviews. The resources enable engineers to quickly implement designs using the unique new PSoC Creator integrated development environment (IDE). The solution IP Elements are available for free online.

The new solution IP Elements help engineers to quickly design with features of the PSoC 3 architecture such as the direct memory access (DMA), analog peripherals, and communication interfaces. The new elements also provide design examples for using PSoC 3 power management, LCD segment display, CapSense buttons and sliders, and much more. The new PSoC 3 architecture extends the programmable analog and digital design platform. The IP Elements assist embedded designers to quickly take advantage of the integration and flexibility of the new platform.

The Cypress Solutions Library website is a free resource of user-generated IP that can be easily replicated for quick, effective design with Cypress’s flexible, programmable PSoC architecture, as well as for designs using Cypress’s USB and proprietary wireless technologies. The website’s IP Elements provide complete solutions for specific functions, including capacitive sensing, I2C and motor control. Applications within the library include consumer electronics, automotive, white goods and others. IP Elements come in various types: technical documents, software and/or firmware, user module components, and complete designs that include documentation, software/firmware, schematics and layout files. The IP Elements help designers speed projects through to completion. The library can be accessed from the “Solutions” tab on the Cypress website.

Some Cypress Solutions Library applications:

  • Button Reference Design
  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • CapSense Successive Approximation Training Kit
  • FirstTouch Starter Kit CY3270
  • CY3249 Remote Control Evaluation Kit
  • CapSense Sigma-Delta (CSD) Training Kit
  • CTCSS Carrier Generation with a PSoC
  • PSoC 3 External Oscillator

More info: Cypress PSoC 3