2010 Design Automation Conference Call for Submissions

Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2010 has issued a call for contributions to the technical program. The 47th DAC will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center, in Anaheim, California from June 13-18, 2010. IC designers, application engineers, design flow developers, vendor-customer teams and students are invited to submit proposals for eight different areas of the technical program enumerated below. DAC is also accepting proposals for workshops and co-located events.

Special Sessions
Deadline: 5:00pm MT, October 26, 2009
DAC invites suggestions for special sessions, which consist of technical contributions devoted to a topic of strong contemporary or future interest. The topic of a special session must represent an emerging area that does not yet receive sufficient focus from research papers. Suggestions must include descriptions of the proposed papers and speakers as well as the importance of the special session to the DAC audience.

Panels and Tutorials
Deadline: 5:00pm MT, October 26, 2009
Suggestions for panels and tutorials should not exceed two pages, should describe the topic and intended audience, and should include a list of suggested participants. Tutorial suggestions must include a bulleted outline of covered topics.

User Track Presentations
Extended Abstracts Deadline: 5:00pm MT, January 18, 2010
User Track Presentations address the real-life issues facing IC designers, application engineers, and design flow developers, providing valuable insights and experiences with in-house or commercial EDA tool flows. Presentations may describe the application of EDA tools to the design of a novel electronic system or the integration of EDA tools within a design flow or methodology to produce such systems. Initial submissions are in the form of a two-page extended abstract. Final submissions will be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation and an optional paper. User Track authors will not be required to sign a copyright release form.

Research Papers
Deadline: 5:00pm MT, November 19, 2009
Original research papers are solicited from industry and the research/academic community. While submissions in all areas of design automation are welcome, DAC specifically solicits research papers in the areas of multicore/many core architectures, system prototyping technology and embedded software design and debug.
Submissions must not identify the author(s) by their name(s) or affiliation(s) anywhere on the manuscript or abstract, with all references to the author(s)’s own previous work or affiliations in the bibliographic citations being in the third person. All research papers will be reviewed as finished papers. Authors of accepted papers must sign a copyright release form for their paper.

Wild and Crazy Ideas (WACI) Papers
Deadline: 5:00pm MT, November 19, 2009
WACI Papers cover interesting activities on a wide variety of topics that do not fit in the conventional mold. The WACI track features novel (and even preliminary or unproven) technical ideas. The aim of WACI is to promote revolutionary and “way-out” ideas that inspire discussion among conference attendees, create a buzz, and get people talking. Submissions should not exceed two pages, but must otherwise follow the rules and deadlines for the research papers. Unlike a DAC research paper that explores a specific technology problem and proposes a complete solution to it, with extensive experimental results, a WACI paper could present less developed but highly innovative ideas related to areas relevant to DAC. All WACI accepted papers will be required to post a two-minute video describing the work as part of the acceptance process.

Student Design Contest Submissions
Deadline: 5:00pm MT, November 25, 2009
Jointly sponsored by ISSCC and DAC, the contest promotes excellence in the design of electronic systems within an academic environment and provides a forum in which undergraduate/graduate students’ ingenuity can be shared with an audience of academic/industrial technical experts. The winners will present their designs through posters at ISSCC 2010 and DAC 2010. Designs may be targeted towards analog, digital, MEMS, optics, biological, or programmable circuits and embedded systems/platforms in any of the three categories: operational, system level, or conceptual.

Deadline: 5:00pm MT, January 29, 2010
Workshops focus on topics related to design, design methodologies, and design automation.

More info: 47th Design Automation Conference