DDC-I Deos DO-178B RTOS Integrates with LDRA Analysis and Test Tools

DDC-I’s DO-178B-certifiable Deos real-time operating system (RTOS) is now integrated with LDRA’s tool suite. The integrated solution enable developers to get to market faster with optimized, robust, and certifiable software that meets the most demanding safety-critical requirements, including DO-178B Level A, the FAA’s highest level of safety criticality. The integration gives developers across a broad range of mission-critical applications the turnkey platform they need to quickly develop, debug, comprehensively test, and deploy safety-critical software that can be readily certified to the most demanding requirements.

The LDRA tool suite provides comprehensive automated software testing and code analysis for a broad range of military and aerospace, telecommunications, transportation, power, and medical applications. The suite covers the full software development lifecycle, including requirements traceability and programming standards checking (i.e., MISRA-C:2004, MISRA C++:2008, JSF++ AV and CERT C), code coverage, structural coverage analysis up to DO-178B Level A, automated unit testing, and test verification.

Deos is a robust, high performance RTOS for the safety-critical market. Featuring deterministic real-time response, the memory-protected RTOS employs patented “slack scheduling” to deliver higher CPU utilization than any other safety-critical commercial off the shelf (COTS) RTOS. Deos is the only certifiable time and space (T&S) partitioned COTS RTOS built from the ground up for safety-critical applications. Deos also provides the easiest, lowest cost path of any COTS RTOS to DO-178B Level A certification, the highest level of safety criticality.

More info: LDRA | DDC-I