High-level Software for Embedded System Design Webcast

Altium and The MathWorks are sponsoring a webcast. The online seminar is titled, High-level Software for Embedded-system Design. The webinar will take place Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 9 AM Pacific time (12 Noon Eastern). The webcast is 60 minutes long (including Live Q&A). EDN Editor-In-Chief Rick Nelson will host the panel discussion. The panelists are Paul Barnard (Marketing Director, Design Automation, The MathWorks) and Marty Hauff (Master Electronics Designer Success Manager, Altium).

Powerful high-level software tools give domain experts in such diverse fields as aerospace engineering, medical electronics, mechatronics, and even graphics design increasing control over the implementation of embedded systems. Such software packages can automatically generate code for target processors or FPGAs, leading to the possibility that dedicated hardware- and software-embedded-system designers may become members of an endangered species.

The idea that domain experts might supplant electrical engineers gained wide currency during a panel discussion at the Embedded Systems Conference 2008, which took place in April in San Jose, CA. A look at the current state of affairs suggests that domain experts and high-level-system architects?as opposed to coders and processor experts?have gained significant ability to participate throughout the embedded-system-design process. However, the need for C coders and hardware engineers is not going away. In most cases, domain experts and electrical engineers can better collaborate on quickly getting increasingly complex products to market.

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