ARM techcon 2009 Developers Conference

The ARM techcon3 (formerly ARM Developers’ Conference) will take place October 21 – 23, 2009 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. ARM techcon3 previews the newest tools and ARM microprocessor releases for 2010, as well as the newest design ideas and best-in-class solutions to help developers with their ARM-powered designs. ARM techcon3 is organized by the ARM Partner ecosystem for engineers exploring or currently developing ARM hardware, software, and systems design. Learn how the underlying technology will effect real-world application.

ARM techcon3

MCU and Tools
Readily-available microcontrollers and the development tools that support them are the backbone of the Embedded Industry. The MCU and Tools sessions will unveil new offerings and demonstrate the breadth of MCUs that are available, together with an array of hardware and software development tools enabling engineers to get their products to market more quickly than ever before. These sessions will welcome MCU users, illustrate chip design, demonstrate software, and review development tools, covering:

  • ARM Processor Advantages
  • Multi-Core Design
  • MCU Utilization
  • ASIC Design
  • Standard Products
  • Software and Hardware Design
  • OS, Middleware and Packaged Software
  • Performance, Power and Price Tradeoffs
  • Programming, Development and Debugging Tools
  • Production and Manufacturability

Energy Efficiency and Design
In an era of dwindling fossil fuels, energy efficiency is front and center in everyone’s minds, particularly engineers using energy-efficient SoC strategies to minimize power requirements. These sessions will focus on energy-efficient SoC strategies; showcasing the latest design and verification tools, and software and hardware for designing low-cost, low-power silicon devices, including:

  • Methodologies and standards
  • Designing for low power
  • Power analysis
  • Power management
  • Verification
  • Implementation
  • Services

Internet Everywhere
The Internet is transforming the way people live, conduct business, manage their health, entertain themselves, and more. The IE seminar sessions will be dedicated to providing the latest design strategies and tools for developing pervasive, mobile and wearable computing devices, covering the full spectrum of design and application issues:

  • Network Stacks
  • Wireless Communications
  • Netbook Design
  • Platform Selection
  • Competitive Solutions
  • Sensors, Inputs, and User Interface
  • Security
  • Rich Media Processing
  • Displays, Audio, Output and Drivers
  • Cloud Computing
  • Widgets, Apps and, Flash
  • System Integration

More info: ARM techcon3