Artisan Studio Reviewer for Automating UML, SysML, UPDM Model Checking

Artisan Studio Reviewer is a design reviewer that automates the task of checking UML, SysML, and UPDM models for completeness, correctness, and consistency. Artisan Studio Reviewer quickly performs hundreds of automated checks that would otherwise be undertaken manually. Artisan Studio Reviewer enables designers to quickly assess the quality and readiness of the work and frees the peer review team to focus on the correctness of the functionality. Executed against the entire model, it allows early identification of trouble areas, avoiding time consuming generation of defective documentation or code. Artisan Studio Reviewer enhances the management and operation of complex mission and safety-critical development projects, cutting design time by up to 30% and improving design quality.

Artisan Studio Reviewer checks UML, SysML, and UPDM models using over 100 pre-configured design review scenarios. These out-of-the-box design reviews can be easily modified and re-configured to suit a company’s specific design practices and also supplemented with user-defined reviews to meet any unique requirements of a design project.

Artisan Studio Reviewer is an useful design tool for both project managers and design engineers of all disciplines – architects, systems, and software engineers. Design managers no longer have to estimate the status of a design as Artisan Studio Reviewer provides the necessary metrics to measure design quality at each phase of the design cycle. Error reporting on models not only enables design engineers to easily identify errors within a design but, its active mentoring capability that details the consequences of not fixing them as well as proposing solutions for their correction, Artisan Studio Reviewer effectively guides engineers through the rectification process. Fully integrated with Artisan Studio, models can be fixed and updated from within Artisan Studio Reviewer.

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