Tektronix MSO70000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

Tektronix introduced the MSO70000 Series of Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes. The instruments have up to 20 channels of measurement capture (4 analog and 16 digital) with analog bandwidth ranging from 4 to 20 GHz and 80 ps digital channel timing resolution. The MSO70000 Series combines the signal visibility and timing features of a high performance logic analyzer with the analog precision, probing and usability of a high performance real-time oscilloscope. The instruments are ideal for the debugging and verification of demanding high-speed design applications as DDR memory, high performance ASICs, FPGAs, system-on-a-chip devices, and digital RF. In addition, the MSO70000 delivers the widest variety of probing accessories for making both analog and digital connections to the device under test (DUT) with minimal disruption.

Tektronix MSO70000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Tektronix MSO70000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes Highlight

  • Discover Problems in Seconds
    With 4 channel analog bandwidth ranging from 4 to 20 GHz depending on model, the MSO70000 offers up to 5 times more bandwidth and 5 times better timing resolution than the fastest integrated MSOs currently available – enabling greater signal visibility for problem discovery. It provides record lengths up to 250 million points and sample rates of 50 GS/s analog and 12.5 GS/s digital. This uncompromised performance means that engineers can capture long duration events with high sample resolution and have time-correlated views of high-speed analog and digital data.

  • Capture Events the First Time
    For MSOs to deliver true value, customers need reliable and convenient access to capture both analog and digital signals of interest, as well as excellent signal integrity from the probing system. The MSO70000 delivers on this front with a comprehensive set of innovative solder-in probe accessories which make connecting to vias and fine pitch components on tightly packed boards easier, in order to acquire digital control signals such as the DDR command bus. The Tektronix toolset for DDR probing now also includes new BGA interposers for all variants of DDR3 and DDR2 memory components, providing access to all signals with excellent fidelity. Coupled with the ground-breaking iCapture technology which allows internal routing of selected digital signals to the analog channels for full analog evaluation – the MSO70000 is ideal for fine pitch, highly sensitive board layouts.

  • Search Entire Records Quickly
    With its iCapture feature, the MSO70000 provides analog views on any connected digital channel, enabling unsurpassed versatility and debugging insight across all 20 channels. The MSO70000 Series provides extensive triggering capabilities including serial pattern, mixed analog and digital, logic pattern, and bus state triggers that designers can combine to isolate system faults that only occur during particular system states. The MSO70000 series provides extremely tight timing synchronization between the analog and digital subsystems, with timing correlation as close as 80ps is possible, resulting in a much easier determination of cause and effect in circuit operation.

  • Analyze Devices and Busses Efficiently
    With over 30 different analysis suites running on the MSO70000 Series, customers can select from the newly available I2C and SPI bus analysis, DPOJET for jitter and eye diagram analysis, DDRA for DDR Memory Bus Verification, SDLA for EQ/channel emulation and analysis, and SignalVu for Frequency Domain display and analysis.

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