AdaCore GNAT Programming Studio 4.4

AdaCore rolled out GNAT Programming Studio (GPS), version 4.4. The latest version of AdaCore’s graphical Ada-oriented Integrated Development Environment (IDE) fatures an improved user interface, faster performance, and greater integration with AdaCore’s Project Coverage and SPARK Pro toolsets. GPS is provided with GNAT Pro on most platforms, for both native and embedded software development. GPS 4.4 is currently available as part of the GNAT Pro Ada Development Environment on selected platforms, and customers can download it via the GNAT Tracker tool.

AdaCore GNAT Programming Studio 4.4 Enhancements

  • Improved user interface look and feel
  • Improved memory usage and speed
  • New entity views
  • Enhanced documentation generation to support both API documentation and source code browsing
  • Hyperlinks added in source editor for quick source and web navigation
  • Support for Project Coverage toolset invocation
  • Improved SPARK Pro language and toolset support, in particular source navigation for annotations
  • New “Tip of the Day” feature
  • Support for filters in the locations display view
  • Unified “visual diff” within the source editor
  • Support for interleaved-Ada/Expanded-Ada (.dg files) in source editor
  • Outline View updated in real-time, with the ability to display entities hierarchically
  • New source navigation menus to display a type hierarchy
  • New plug-ins
    • Formatting preferences that can be automatically set from gnatpp project switches
    • Sources that can automatically be reformatted on save using gnatpp
    • Simplified new file creation

More info: AdaCore