Windows Embedded Standard 2011 Webinar

Microsoft has an archived webinar some of you may be interested in. It’s a technical overview of Windows Embedded Standard 2011. The webcast was originally broadcasted earlier this month. The online seminar was presented by Shabnam Erfani, Lead Program Manager at Microsoft. As a lead program manager on the Windows Embedded team for the past three years, Shabnam focuses on planning and scoping the Windows Embedded Standard 2011 product. She has an extensive development background in network security and embedded systems and has worked on many related products both in Microsoft and outside of Microsoft.

Windows Embedded Standard 2011 Webinar Overview

Take a deeper, technical look at the development platform of the future for devices. Windows Embedded Standard 2011 delivers the power of Windows 7 in a componentized form. We will review the latest tools, functionality and embedded features that are available with this release. This is your chance to learn more about the product before its release. After the event the Microsoft development team is interested in hearing your feedback so that the final product will be in line with your development needs around functionality, networking capabilities and improved security.

More info: Windows Embedded Standard 2011 Webinar