SDR’09 Technical Conference and Product Exposition

The SDR’09 Technical Conference and Product Exposition will be held from December 1-4 December in Washington, D.C. Each day of the reconfigurable radio conference will feature a different keynote speech presented by a leader in the community on the challenges that exist in the commercial, public safety and defense sectors, and the role of software defined radio (SDR) and cognitive radio (CR) technologies in addressing those challenges. This year’s event will include over 100 paper presentations, four workshop sessions, daily tutorials, a demonstration event, and a product exposition.

SDR’09 Topics

  • SDR and CR Security
  • Configurable RF, RF Spectrum Interference and Receiver Mitigation Techniques
  • Smart Radio Challenge and SDR in Education
  • SDR Modeling
  • SDR implementations on GPU, DSP, FPGA, or GPP
  • SCA for SDR
  • Public Safety
  • Multimode Systems
  • CR Spectrum Access and Sensing
  • Baseband Technologies and Algorithms
  • Power Management in SDRs
  • Important Grouping
  • Cognitive Radio
  • Location Based Technologies
  • Infrastructure
  • High Speed ADCs for SDR

SDR’09 Tutorials

  • Digital Software Defined Radio Test | Jean Dassonville, Agilent Technologies
  • VoIP Radio Networks | John Shanton, Thales Communications, Inc.
  • Building Software Defined Radios with SysML, UML, and MARTE | Vincent Kovarik, Harris Corporation
  • Mathworks/Zeligsoft Rapid Prototyping | Tim McGuire, Zeligsoft
  • Advances in Automated Software Testing and Quality Technologies and Implementation in Use for Waveforms | Elfriede Dustin, IDT
  • Satellite Communications – The Basics | Bob Schutz, ViaSAT
  • SDR and CR in Satellite Communications | Cyrus Sy, Spectrum Signal Processing and Tine Pederson, Gatehouse
  • An Affordable COTS Reference Platform for SCA Development – The IBM PC of Military SDR | Steve Jennis, PrismTech
  • Software Defined Workflow Using Simulink and the USRP2 | John Irza, Mathworks
  • RF Performance Specification, Measurement and Built in Tests for Software Defined Radios | Robert Normoyle, DRS Signal Solutions, and Marshall Cross, Megawave
  • BIST and Digital Self-Calibration of RFICs | Mohammed Ismail, Ohio State University
  • A Platform-Based Approach to Realizing High Performance DSP Systems in FPGAs | Chris Dick, Xilinx
  • Rapid Implementation of SDR in a Unified Development Environment | Brian Dalio, Coherent Logix
  • Multirate Signal Processing in Communication Systems | Fred Harris, San Diego State University
  • SCA-Based Education and Rapid Prototyping with OSSIE: A Hands-On Tutorial | Carl Dietrich, Virginia Tech

More Info: The SDR Forum SDR’09