IMEC and ANSEM Offer Design Service for Radio ICs

IMEC and ANSEM (an IMEC spinoff) are offering services for the customized design of radio ICs for wireless communication applications. The joint offering is ideal for companies that want to integrate IMEC’s research results, and choose to outsource the design and customized development of their advanced communication ICs. The technology that is offered includes IMEC’s first generation of flexible radio’s, reconfigurable transceivers that can be tuned to operate with all present and future cellular, WLAN, WPAN, broadcast, and positioning standards.

In IMEC’s first generation of flexible radios, all parameters are reconfigurable over a wide range (RF carrier frequency, channel bandwidth, noise figure, linearity, filter characteristic, etc.). This allows to tune the performance and power consumption to the specific requirement of any application, such as satellite and terrestrial TV broadcast systems, navigation systems, mobile phones, or wireless access points.

The technology enables both single-standard implementations, in which the front-end transceiver spans a single-channel bandwidth in a single-frequency band, and multi-standard or multi-mode designs, spanning multiple-channel bandwidths or multiple-frequency bands. The reconfigurable radio front-end IC in 130nm technology uses a 1.2V supply voltage and has an active area of 7.7 mm2. Depending on its configuration it has a power consumption ranging from 60 to 120mA, which is comparable to a single-mode radio.

More Info: IMEC | AnSem