IMEC-TSMC Innovation Incubation Alliance

IMEC and TSMC is forming an Innovation Incubation Alliance to create a platform for enabling the development of product solutions using emerging More-than-Moore technology options. Integrating extra functionalities with foundry CMOS enables customers to compete in emerging markets. By combining IMEC’s expertise in design and technology R&D with TSMC’s excellence in high-volume manufacturing, customers will benefit from an early access to new More-than-Moore technologies and rapid transition to volume manufacturing for their next generation electronic products.

The IMEC-TSMC Innovation Incubation Alliance provides a platform for turning concepts into packaged microsystem products with enhanced functionality. Customers get access to emerging technologies, validate concepts at product level, and rapidly transfer to volume manufacturing. IMEC and TSMC bring together a multidisciplinary team of technologists, designers and test capabilities to design and develop the next generation products based on innovative technology and design solutions. During the prototyping process at IMEC, compatibility with existing TSMC technology manufacturing platforms will be pursued to ensure a smooth transition to volume manufacturing at TSMC.

Optical, thermal, chemical, acoustical, bio-sensing, display, memory, and wireless communication functions have become a vital part of our multifunctional electronic products. In addition, miniaturization of all these functions into compact form factors is essential to meet the consumer electronics demands for low-cost and energy-efficient solutions. Besides the various More-than-Moore technology flavors, such as mixed-signal elements, 3D-technologies, MEMS processes, Si photonics and BiCMOS/HV, design and test tools and skills are needed to build these new multifunctional electronic products.

IMEC’s CMORE initiative covers the full trajectory from early technology and design exploration, to building technology platforms and design libraries, and finally to product prototyping and the production of small volumes. IMEC’s CMORE initiative is supported by a skilled organization that operates a 200 and 300mm R&D fab in a 24/7 mode.

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