Adeneo Linux Embedded Training Course

Adeneo Embedded is offering a Linux Embedded training course. The training is an opportunity for software system designers to develop an application based on Linux Embedded, using Freescale’s i.MX27 applications processor solution. Freescale’s i.MX family, based on ARM core technology, is engineered to offer Smart Speed, low-power consumption with MHz performance to spare and a high degree of integration to reduce your design time signify cantly.

The Linux Embedded training course is a four day, in depth, technical hands-on training class that provides an introduction of the Linux Embedded development environment. By the end of the course, attendees will have a solid development foundation upon which to optimize their own systems.

The Linux Embedded training course will take place from November 23rd to November 26th, 2009 in Grenoble, France. Adeneo Embedded will offer to each attendee the Freescale i.MX27PDK evaluation kit used during the training, allowing them to continue their evaluation and development on Linux Embedded.

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