Integrated Solutions for Technology Exploration Industrial Affiliation Program

IMEC announced the Integrated Solutions for Technology Exploration (INSITE) industrial affiliation program (IIAP). INSITE is a framework of design exploration modules that enables fables and fablite companies, foundries, and EDA vendors to develop design and product information using emerging IC process technologies one to three generations ahead of IC manufacturing. INSITE can be used to design in both IMEC’s emerging process technologies developed within its core CMOS research program and in more imminent foundry-level technologies targeted to early product development.

IMEC Integrated Solutions for Technology Exploration (INSITE) Industrial Affiliation Program (IIAP)

Integrated Solutions for Technology Exploration Highlights

  • An in-depth understanding of advanced process technologies and process integration
  • Fabrication and measurement of test circuits using IMEC’s 200mm and 300mm wafer facilities
  • A flexible design interface to quickly couple technology advances to design flows
  • The rapid implementation of circuit-level IP
  • Tools and flows for rapid design of pathfinding experiments

The INSITE program addresses two evolving trends which are creating a growing knowledge gap between the producers and users of digital CMOS technology. The first trend is the move away from integrated design and manufacturing to separate chip foundries and fables design houses. The second trend is the evolution towards more application-specific technology offerings, since technologies need to be adapted to achieve the targeted chip specification as improved speed, power, area and cost cannot be realized with the same technology.

The design interface is fully compatible and shares the same standards as design interfaces from commercial foundries. New technologies will be embedded into circuit level IP using industry-standard data formats. This ensures that products can be synthesized using emerging technologies within standard design flows in a fully transparent way. Similarly, for emerging technologies, the same library IP can be implemented as virtual libraries with limited layout information and imported into a design flow emulation environment for rapid what if scenario analysis.

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