IMEC 8-channel Wireless EEG System for Ambulatory Monitoring

IMEC and the Holst Centre announced a miniaturized and wireless 8-channel EEG system. The system is powered by IMEC’s 8-channel ultra low-power analog readout ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit). The electronics, including ASIC, radio, and controller chips are integrated on a printed-circuit board that measures only 47mm by 27mm. The whole system is packaged in a small box with status LEDs, a switch button and interfaces for din32 cables. The packaged system consumes only 1.8mA, allowing over 3 days of autonomy with a 160 mAh Li-ion battery.

IMEC 8-channel Wireless EEG System for Ambulatory MonitoringThe EEG system can be connected to individual electrodes, standard EEG monitoring hats, or proprietary EEG headsets. The system records high quality EEG signals when connected to gel electrodes. Early tests with dry electrode are promising, although more research is required to achieve reliable measurement in non-controlled environments. The data is wirelessly transmitted in real-time to a receiver located up to 10m from the system. IMEC has also developed algorithms to interpret the brain signals, linking the brain activity to the degree of relaxation.

The EEG system can be used for remote monitoring of patients in their daily environment, resulting in more natural readings and greatly increasing the patient’s comfort. Applications that can be envisaged with this EEG system are, for example, comfortable ambulatory monitoring of epileptic patients, e-learning, and gaming.

More Info: IMEC | Holst Centre