Carbon Model Studio for AMBA Designer

Carbon Design Systems introduced the Carbon Model Studio for AMBA Designer (from ARM) software for the creation of implementation-accurate models of AMBA interconnect fabric. Used with AMBA Designer, Carbon Model Studio enables a designer to quickly configure and create a model of even the most complex AMBA interconnect and then utilize that model in any virtual platform or SystemC-based environment.

Carbon Model Studio for AMBA Designer is available now with pricing starting at $10,000.

Over 50 design teams worldwide use Carbon Model Studio to model their on-chip interconnect. Carbon Model Studio for AMBA Designer offers the same capability to designers who don’t need to create models of their own register transfer level (RTL code), but still need 100% accuracy for their architectural decisions. It leverages Carbon’s industry-leading Model Studio to compile AMBA interconnect RTL code directly into a software model that can be used in any leading virtual platform environment. Carbon leverages the IP-XACT definition created by ARM’s AMBA Designer to automatically compile a model of the interconnect fabric using Carbon Model Studio.

More info: Carbon Design Systems