Artisan Studio Version 7.1 to Feature glossUML Capability

Artisan Software Tools has added a glossUML capability to Artisan Studio. glossUML improves the look-and-feel of the Artisan Studios SysML/UML/UPDM model diagrams making them easier to understand. Presentation ready model diagrams make the whole process of project reporting and communication easier to handle. The new glossUML capability is available in Artisan Studio Version 7.1, which will be released next week. glossUML is an extension to SysML/UML.

Artisan Studios with glossUML for SysML/UML and UPDM model diagrams

Artisan Studios glossUML capability provides a unique combination of graphical features to effectively give SysML/UML/UPDM model diagrams a presentation-ready 3D look-and-feel. With glossUML, Associations can now use curved 3D lines, shadows can be applied to Symbols and Associations, and Symbols can have a bevel or graduated fill. Artisan Studios glossUML capability is fully configurable by model, meta-type, stereotype, dictionary item and the Symbol on a diagram. Model-wide style templates can be set up and a thumbnail pane facility shows the whole model diagram while allowing sections of it to be viewed. Users have the option to turn the glossUML capabilities on and off or even to revert back to the standard UML style.

glossUML utilizes graphical techniques to visually improve the clarity of the SysML/UML and UPDM models created in Artisan Studio — making them easier to interpret and understand, particularly by project stakeholders not directly involved in the development process. glossUML creates presentation-ready diagrams of Artisan Studio models enabling them to be cut and pasted directly into tools like Microsoft Powerpoint, eliminating the time wasted re-drawing diagrams for the purposes of presentations.

glossUML enables presentation quality diagrams to be generated quickly, easily and directly from the models created in Artisan Studio. By improving the visual clarity of Artisan Studio models, glossUML helps to improve communication between all project stakeholders.

More info: Artisan Software Tools