Xelerated Software Development Kit 5.0

Xelerated rolls out Software Development Kit (SDK) 5.0 for the HX Carrier Ethernet network processors (NPUs) and AX Programmable Ethernet Switches. SDK 5.0 enables vendors to optimize network design for the new generation of Carrier Ethernet platforms and devices. The software development kit supports all device types of the two families and enables system vendors to seamlessly develop and customize data plane software for their unified fiber access and next generation Metro Ethernet platforms. The SDK 5.0 instruction set and programming model are compatible with previous NPU generations.

Xelerated SDK 5.0 Highlights

  • Integrated development environment, where programmers can access all tools for code editing, compilation, simulation and debugging
  • Analyzer tool with an intuitive overview of how instruction memory is utilized — enabling efficient resource optimization
  • Simulation and debugger tools for step-by-step validation of any packet type

With the SDK 5.0, vendors can jumpstart their design processes for the new generation of unified fiber access and Metro Ethernet products that service providers are demanding. The Software Development Kit (SDK) 5.0 is now shipping to customers.

More info: Xelerated