Jova Solutions ISL-3200 CMOS Image Sensor Tester

Jova Solutions launched the ISL-3200 image sensor tester. The ISL-3200 is a CMOS image sensor test and measurement system that provides the integrated hardware and software required for testing a wide variety of image sensor devices and systems. The ISL-3200 is a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for a variety of test environments such as QA test in volume manufacturing, engineering characterization, and image quality analysis. The ISL-3200 base unit is available now for $9,995.00 for high-volume purchases.

ISL-3200 Test Platform Features

  • Low cost – under $10,000 (for volume purchase of base configuration)
  • Integrated hardware and software with pre-written analysis and characterization routines
  • Optional Advanced Analysis and Test and Automation software packages
  • Field reprogrammable – FPGA
  • Accommodates different image sensors through quickly designed adapter boards
  • Low-noise design – minimizes apparent image noise and yields more accurate testing
  • High-speed PCI Express interface – 200 MBytes/sec effective data rate
  • High-speed serial devices, including MIPI/SMIA, can be supported through adapter board
  • Supports high resolution sensors – up to 64 Megapixel
  • Low-noise, isolated power supplies
  • 12/24-bit ADC for fast and accurate voltage measurement
  • I2C, SPI, and UART sensor communication capabilities
  • Image data rate of up to 16-bit wide per pixel at 100 MHz
  • Supports analog output sensors with custom circuitry on an adapter board

The ISL-3200 base unit includes the ISL-3200 hardware with a USB interface and ISL basic application software, which gives users direct control of the ISL-3200 hardware for communicating with, and acquiring images from, an image sensor. The ISL-3200 Advanced Analysis and the Test and Automation Suite are also available.

More info: Jova Solutions