Etna 3D Chip with Integrated Commercial DRAM Chip on Top of Logic IC

IMEC and their 3D integration partners (including memory suppliers and IC manufacturers) have taped-out Etna, which is a new 3D chip integrating a commercial DRAM chip on top of a logic IC. The new 3D stack resembles as close as possible to future commercial chips. It consists of a 25µm thick logic die on top of which a commercial DRAM is stacked using through-silicon vias (TSVs) and micro-bumps. The test-chip is a significant step for the introduction of 3D technology in DRAM-on-logic applications.

ETNA 3D chip for DRAM on logic integration - stack configuration
ETNA 3D chip stack for DRAM on logic integration - layout of the logic die

The 3D demonstrator mimics all aspects of the approach by stacking an advanced commercial DRAM product chip on IMEC’s proprietary CMOS logic IC. As an example, heaters are integrated to test the impact of hotspot on DRAM refresh times. And, the chip contains test structures for monitoring thermo-mechanical stress in a 3D stack, ESD (electro-static discharge) hazards, electrical characteristics of TSVs and micro-bumps, fault models for TSVs, etc.

The design of the 3D chip is realized together with many players in the 3D integration supply chain. Now, IMEC is manufacturing the logic die in its prototype line, and will be stacking the commercial DRAM chip on top of it. One of IMEC’s 3D integration partners will deliver the DRAM dies, and will test the fabricated 3D stack; two other partners, will package the 3D stack using flip-chip onto a FBGA (fine-pitch ball-grid array) substrate.

More info: IMEC