Aonix PERC Ultra Java Virtual Machine Supports BeagleBoard

PERC Ultra, from Aonix, now features Java virtual machine support for the low-cost BeagleBoard. As a result, more developers and projects will be able to quickly and more cost efficiently launch development that takes advantage of PERC’s new graphics support via the ARM-based BeagleBoard. PERC Ultra 5.3 with support for the BeagleBoard development platform running Linux is available immediately. PERC development tools are available at no charge in combination with a maintenance contract. Target execution and deployment license pricing starts at $25K based on projected volume.

Testing of the PERC virtual machine functionality and performance characteristics and new graphics capability was executed on the BeagleBoard from Digi-Key. PERC Ultra on the BeagleBoard was tested with both Linux and X Windows distributions from Ångström and the free CodeSourcery G++ Lite toolchain for ARM GNU/Linux.

The latest BeagleBoard version offers increased design flexibility with twice the memory (256 MB RAM), additional high-speed USB port, and an LCD expansion connector. Based on a Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) OMAP3530 processor, the BeagleBoard bridges desktop and embedded development by delivering laptop-like performance in a pocket-size, 3×3-inch form factor for innovative projects ranging from robots, netbooks, and mobile Internet devices to entire Linux distributions and gaming frameworks.

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