Sunrise Telecom GigE Module for Modular Test Toolkit

Sunrise Telecom announced the GigE Module for the Modular Test Toolkit (MTT) Platform. The handheld, dual-port, dual-media module helps technicians of all levels validate service level agreements, verify traffic prioritization and decrease mean time to repair by quickly isolating problems. The GigE Module is part of the MTT modular handheld platform and is available immediately from Sunrise Telecom.

With the GigE Module, technicians can verify traffic prioritization and routing through the active device by sending multiple streams with different tags. To ensure quality of experience (QoE) for the customer, the GigE Module generates and measures up to eight independent streams per port with different MAC, VLAN, IP and MPLS configurations, and displays statistics for each individual stream.

The GigE Module’s comprehensive functions validate QoE over QoS for growing business Ethernet services. The modular design of the MTT cost effectively simplifies the multi-service installation and maintenance for service providers. The simple tester helps solve complex problems, making it easy to analyze and locate service impacting problems and troubleshoot the network. By injecting errors in specific streams, the GigE module can quickly pinpoint, isolate and diagnose problems in the network.

More info: Sunrise Telecom