eXludus MCOPt 3.0 Multi-Core Optimization Software for Linux

eXludus Technologies introduced MCOPt version 3.0 for Linux. MCOPt software improves multi-core system performance by adding a resource management layer to Linux systems. MCOPt delivers increased job throughput, faster response times, prevents memory swapping and other shared resource conflicts, and eliminates cluster and cloud job submission latencies. With MCOPt, existing serial and parallel applications fully leverage multi-core systems without requiring modification or re-engineering.

Enterprise-class Linux servers and blades have greater computing power due to increasing processor core counts. However, most applications in use today are serial or lightly parallel designs incapable of optimally leveraging multi-core architectures. This reality has created an application performance problem, often referred to as the ‘multi-core dilemma’, which limits the value of latest multi-core designs. Re-writing applications for multi-core architectures is not always possible and is a difficult, time-consuming and costly process. eXludus’ MCOPt software solves the multi-core dilemma by inserting an intelligent resource allocation layer between applications and the operating system that allows applications to fully harness multi-core processing power. MCOPt requires zero changes to existing applications and delivers immediate benefits to users.

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