Nextreme NEW ASIC in a Box Design Kits

eASIC introduced two ASIC-in-a-Box design kits. The new design kits make ASIC design affordable, accessible ,and achievable for everyone. The NEW ASIC-in-a-Box Design Kits enable ASIC design to be widely accessible and thereby reverse the trend of declining ASIC design starts. By simplifying the design flow, the design kits empower engineers who are unfamiliar with ASIC design to now complete designs at a fraction of the cost and time compared to traditional standard cell ASICs. Designers can choose from one of two design kits depending on their preferred choice for handoff deliverables. The Nextreme NEW ASIC-in-a-Box Design Kits are available now.

Nextreme NEW ASIC-in-a-Box Design KitsNextreme NEW ASIC-in-a-Box Design Kits

  • eASIC’s eTools software suite that includes easy to use utilities for configuring PLLs/clocks, assigning pins/pads, generating memories and post placement configuration and DRC
  • Magma DA’s Blast RTL software for performing synthesis and placement
  • Documentation and design tutorials to accelerate design implementation
  • JTAG programming cable for configuration and debug
  • Technical support website access

Nextreme NEW ASICs are constructed to help simplify design, verification, and silicon processing steps within the overall flow. Designers are able to focus their effort mainly on achieving their desired functionality and timing and not on arduous complex tasks such as power mesh design, signal integrity, test insertion, clock insertion, STA, ATPG, formal verification and LVS/DRC as they do with traditional standard cell ASICs. The NEW ASIC-in-a-Box design kits provide software and documentation for completing and implementing Nextreme chip designs, and also deliver board design and debug guidelines for designing systems that incorporate Nextreme devices.

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