X-FAB More than Moore Technical Seminar

X-FAB Silicon Foundriesis offering a free, informative “Lunch & Learn” technical seminar. The event will take place Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009 (10am – 2pm) in Santa Clara, California. The seminar includes a keynote address and technical presentations. It will explore X-FAB’s broad portfolio of More-than-Moore technologies — from advanced CMOS and BiCMOS processes to specialty processes for high-voltage, optical and high-temperature applications. The seminar is for anyone wanting to learn about the “More than Moore” high-voltage and optical foundry technologies offered by X-FAB.

Lunch and Learn Technical Seminar Presentaions

More than Moore: Trend or Hype?
For more than 40 years, the trend of decreasing feature size and increasing transistor count, strongly linked to Moore’s Law, has driven the semiconductor industry. Today, the reign of Moore’s Law appears to be drawing to a close. Rather than pursue ever-smaller geometries, many players now choose instead to offer unique high-value functions and features called “More than Moore” that open up new specialized application areas. Is this simply a marketing gimmick – a way to extend fab lifetimes by repurposing dinosaur logic/digital processes for analog solutions? Or is it truly an emerging business model that will drive the next semiconductor era? This presentation will explore “More than Moore,” showing how it goes far beyond analog to encompass integration with sensors, actuators, opto, biotech and MEMS elements; and how the technological advance of “More than Moore” is impacting the semiconductor industry.

Light Sensing Applications Made Easy with X-FAB’s CMOS Technologies
Get an overview of the optical functions and features available as part of X-FAB’s More-than-Moore technology offering, including the impacts on spectral sensitivity, signal bandwidth, and noise margins. Explore what you need to consider when starting to design your optical product.

X-FAB’s High-Voltage Technologies and Their Use in Successful HV Design
Covering a voltage range from 5V up to 650 V, X-FAB’s high-voltage technology portfolio includes several processes that effectively address high-voltage design requirements in geometries down to 0.18 um. This presentation will provide a detailed introduction to process features including fixed and scaleable primitive HV devices as well as the comprehensive design and ESD support that enable fast and robust design of HV applications.

Seminar Location
TechMart, Network Meeting Center
5201 Great America Pkwy #122
Santa Clara, Calif. 95054

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