Jazz Semiconductor Reliability Modeling Tool for 0.18um SiGe BiCMOS

The Reliability Modeling Tool (RMT), from Jazz Semiconductor, is a free tool for high reliability applications in aerospace, defense, automotive, and medical markets. It enables designers to predict device degradation over the lifetime of the product, identify the vulnerable sub-systems related to device aging, and make design tradeoffs between operating lifetime and performance. The RMT is available now for the 0.18um SiGe BiCMOS process (SBC18). The RMT will be available for other RF processes in the future.

The RMT reduces design spins and the product development time required for higher reliability systems. The RMT integrates into the existing Jazz design flow without the need to purchase any additional simulation tools, and is currently supported in Jazz’s 0.18-micron SiGe BiCMOS platform. The Reliability Modeling Tool seamlessly integrates into existing design environments and enables accurate simulation of key degradation mechanisms so engineers can design reliability into products up front.

Designing high performance RF and analog circuits often necessitates operating devices at the extreme edge of the allowable bias regime where a quantitative understanding of the impact on circuit performance is largely unknown. The RMT addresses this deficiency by enabling simulation of circuits with a user-specified age parameter. An optional second variable in the tool allows for the customization of the stress that the device is subjected to, enabling optimization of the performance-age tradeoff. The tool includes modeling of key degradation mechanisms, such as Hot Carrier Injection (HCI) for MOSFETs and reverse-beta degradation for SiGe NPN transistors. This was accomplished by fully characterizing the devices at varying degrees of accelerated stress conditions, and using physical extrapolation methods to map this stress to real-time age at operating voltages.

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