AdaCore GNAT Pro for LynxOS 5.0

AdaCore introduced the GNAT Pro Ada development environment for the LynuxWorks LynxOS 5.0 operating system. The release enables GNAT Pro users to develop applications for both LynxOS 4.x and 5.0. It also provides a smooth migration path from older versions of the operating system to LynxOS 5.0. GNAT Pro for LynxOS 5.0 is available for both Linux and Windows host platforms, and for both PowerPC and x86 embedded targets.

The new release is completely compatible with the existing GNAT Pro 6.2.2 for LynxOS 4.x. GNAT Pro customers using this earlier LynxOS version can now take advantage of the many new features offered by LynxOS 5.0.

New LynxOS 5.0 Features

  • Increased RAM support — up to 2 GB
  • Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP)
  • ELF file format
  • New POSIX — POSIX 1003.1-2003 PSE 53/54

More info: AdaCore