LDRA Tool Suite v8.1.0

LDRA introduced LDRA tool suite v8.1.0, which has been enhanced to address complex, large-scale applications. The tool suite is optimized for modern multiprocessor environments and offers superior version control. With an enhanced Eclipse plug-in, the LDRA tool suite v8.1.0 can be easily deployed in enterprise applications and enable developers to participate in the extensible framework of the Eclipse environment. The LDRA tool suite is available for C, C++, Ada 83, Ada 95, and Assembly systems. It is a highly scalable solution that works with large-scale commercial and production systems. The tool handle both legacy code and new code development verification.

LDRA tool suite, Version 8.1.0 features a new level of version control for developers. Common version-control commands, such as check-in and -out, display history, and show differences, may be performed for Perforce, Subversion, and Visual Source Safe. The “test-modify-retest” process cycle can be undertaken wholly within the LDRA tool suite, even when the source under test is under version control. Source code can be checked out and modified, and after the source code has been retested and proven correct, it can be checked back in directly. There is no need to switch tools for version control, thus making the user experience smoother and more efficient.

LDRA’s analysis reports quote the version number of the source file, ensuring clear traceability between source and report versions. The implementation is completely open, allowing local deployment teams to customize each version control operation according to local criteria.

LDRA’s enhanced Eclipse plug-in recognizes the significance of flexible, highly scalable development to ensure that advanced embedded devices get to market faster. By making the capabilities of the LDRA tool suite available to Eclipse users, LDRA offers developers the opportunity to access comprehensive static and dynamic analysis facilities and benefit from full report management from a common platform.

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