AWR AXIEM 3D Planar Electromagnetic Simulator, Version 2009

AWR introduced version 2009 of their AXIEM 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) simulator. The latest release features performance enhancements that increase the software’s speed, accuracy, and capacity. AXIEM’s proprietary solver and meshing algorithms have made it possible for the first time to migrate EM analysis from a back-end, post-verification tool to an upfront design diagnostic solution. The pre-release version 2009 of the AXIEM 3D planar EM simulator is available to qualified customers.

AXIEM 2009 Enhancements

  • New support for 64-bit PC platforms that makes it possible to solve designs with over a 100,000 unknowns far faster than with 32-bit operating systems
  • Expanded support for multi-core configurations that further reduces simulation time
  • Loss model improvements that deliver more robust data at low frequencies
  • Extensive sources/ports and de-embedding options that provide greater flexibility and accuracy
    • Internal edge, finite difference/gap, and extraction ports
    • Per-port, coupled line, and mutual group de-embedding
  • Improved adaptive frequency sweep (AFS)
    • Stores only simulated points, not interpolated
    • Improved convergence
  • Added many new AXIEM examples

More info: AWR AXIEM electromagnetic (EM) software