Kineto VoLGA Software Developers Kit

Kineto Wireless introduced the VoLGA software developers kit (SDK). The VoLGA kit is ideal for mobile device vendors looking to support voice and SMS over LTE based on the recently released VoLGA specifications. In data-only LTE deployments, operators rely on embedded SMS to deliver critical management, provisioning and customer care messages. Kineto’s VoLGA SDK is designed for USB dongle and netbook manufacturers to support the embedded SMS capability over LTE.

The Kineto VoLGA SDK enables device vendors to quickly integrate VoLGA technology into their connection manager application and support embedded SMS over LTE. The Kineto SDK supports a range of operating systems including Windows, Apple and Linux, and it will accelerate LTE devices to market.

VoLGA is a set of industry specifications being developed by the VoLGA Forum. The specifications enable mobile operators to deliver voice and SMS services over LTE access networks.

VoLGA Benefits

  • Cost-effectively bring voice and SMS services to LTE with minimal network disruption
  • Support new revenue-generating applications over LTE, such as IMS combinational services like the Rich Communications Suite (RCS)
  • Develop a smooth migration to IMS telephony
  • Deliver services via LTE-based femtocells
  • Support data-only LTE deployments with USB dongles and netbooks through embedded SMS provisioning and customer care

More info: Kineto Wireless