AdaCore GNATbench 2.3.1 Plug-in for Wind River Workbench

AdaCore released GNATbench 2.3.1 plug-in for the Ada Integrated Development Environment (IDE). GNATbench 2.3.1 supports Workbench 3.1 and VxWorks 6.7. The latest version offers real-time/embedded systems developers an Ada programming environment that is tightly integrated into the Wind River Workbench development suite. AdaCore GNATbench provides Ada programmers with an intuitive and productive extension to Workbench. Ada is a key language for developers of real-time embedded systems using Workbench on Wind River platforms.

The GNATbench plug-in provides editing, browsing, and building features for Ada development (including Ada 2005) using AdaCore’s GNAT Pro toolset on the Eclipse platform. The builder produces executables for native systems and embedded processors (in the context of Wind River Workbench), and likewise the debugger supports both native and embedded system debugging. GNATbench 2.3.1 also supports Workbench 3.0 and VxWorks 6.6.

GNATbench 2.3.1 features enhancements that help Ada software development run more smoothly. Creating new Workbench projects for Ada is now much simpler and more robust — there is no need to duplicate the use of new-project wizards in both Workbench and GNATbench. Error handling in the Import Wizard is friendlier, since GNATbench parses an imported project file for errors before attempting the import. The sharing of projects among multiple developers using distinct Workbench (Eclipse) workspaces is simplified, since the values of a project’s scenario variables (when changed from their defaults) are now stored in workspace-persistent variables. As an open source project, the code of the implementation has been reorganized so that users wishing to extend the implementation can clearly identify which parts may be relied upon to remain stable in the future.

More info: AdaCore