2009 Si2/OpenAccess+ Conference

The Si2/OpenAccess+ Conference will be held on October 14, 2009, at the Network Meeting Center at Techmart Santa Clara, CA. The conference will feature speakers and demonstrations from several semiconductor and electronic-design automation (EDA) companies. The event features an evening session will present demos of advances in the use of the technologies offered by Si2. Barry Dennington, NXP Senior Vice President and Chairman of the Si2 Board of Directors, will provide the keynote address. The 14th Si2/OpenAccess+ Conference will be free of charge to all attendees.

Si2/OpenAccess+ Conference Agenda

  • 09:00AM – 09:10AM: Introduction: Sumit DasGupta, Sr. VP of Engineering, Si2
  • 09:10AM – 09:30AM: Coming Soon: 5th-Generation EDA: Steve Schulz, President and CEO, Si2
  • 09:30AM – 09:45AM: Si2 Awards
  • 09:45AM – 10:30AM: How to make standards a smart business investment: Barry Dennington, NXP Sr. VP and Chairman, Si2 BoD
  • 10:45AM – 11:15AM: DFM Dictionary from Si2 – Creating a Common Taxonomy for the Industry: Jake Buurma, Si2
  • 11:15AM – 11:45AM: Global Foundries: Luigi Capodieci
  • 11:45AM – 12:15PM: OMCI Status and Future Directions
  • 01:15PM – 03:45PM: OpenAccess Adoption and Proliferation
  • 01:15PM – 01:45PM: OpenAccess Enhancements: Michaela Guiney, Cadence Design Systems and OAC Change Team Co-Architect
  • 01:45PM – 02:15PM: Interoperability through OpenAccess – a Key Element in 3D Wafer Stack Designs: Mark Mangum, Micro Magic
  • 02:15PM – 02:45PM: Synopsys
  • 02:45PM – 03:15PM: Intel: Jose del Cano
  • 03:15PM – 03:30PM: Ciranova: Dave Millman
  • 04:00PM – 05:30PM: Developments in Low Power Design
  • 04:00PM – 04:30PM: CPF 1.2 Roadmap and Development Status: Qi Wang, Cadence and LPC-TSG Vice Chair
  • 04:30PM – 05:00PM: AMD: Judith Richardson
  • 05:00PM – 05:30PM: Virage Logic: Sheela Sreedharan
  • 05:45PM – 07:30PM Demos and Reception

The 14th Si2/OpenAccess+ conference will cover the increasingly inter-related areas of OpenAccess, Design for Manufacturability (DFM), and low-power design. Updates on the industry adoption of OpenAccess will be presented along with plans for the future. Vendors in the OpenAccess and low-power design arenas will discuss their advanced capabilities and their experiences with low power formats. Exciting new developments in DFM will be presented for the first time in an open audience.

More info: 14th Si2/OpenAccess+ Conference