Microchip Cash for Clunkers Development Tool Exchange Program

Microchip Technology announced their “Cash for Clunkers” development tool exchange program for embedded engineers. Microchip’s Cash for Clunkers program enables embedded designers to exchange selected models from Microchip’s competitors for a rebate as high as 30% (up to a $120 savings) on select PIC Microcontroller, memory, and analog development tools. The Cash for Clunkers program ends on October 30, 2009.

All of the Microchip development tools in the exchange program provide a turnkey, just-out-of-the-showroom experience that enables developers to quickly come up to speed on Microchip’s embedded-control semiconductors. The rebate can be used on any of Microchip’s analog development tools, and the Microchip digital development tools listed below.

Microchip Tools

  • MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC18 ($59.98, part # DM180021)
  • MPLAB Starter kit for PIC24F ($59.98, part # DM240011)
  • MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC24H ($59.98, part # DM240021)
  • PIC32 Starter Kit ($49.99 part # DM320001)
  • MPLAB Starter Kit for Serial Memory Products ($79.98, part # DV243003)
  • PICkit 3 Debug Express ($69.99, part # DV164131)

Microchip Customized Bundles

  • PIC18 Explorer Board and PICkit 3 ($165.00, part # DV164136)
  • MPLAB ICD 3 and PICDEM 2 Plus ($229.99, part # DV164036)
  • MPLAB ICD 3 and Explorer 16 ($299.99, part # DV164037)

More info: Microchip Cash for Clunkers Program