MSC Q7-SK-US15W-RP Starter Kits for Qseven Platform

MSC Vertriebs announced two ready-to-use starter kits for the quick evaluation and development of the MSC Q7-US15W Intel Atom processor based Qseven platform. The MSC Q7-SK-US15W-RP-002 is a complete starter kit that contains the MSC Q7-MP-RP reference platform, the MSC Q7-Heatspreader-US15W Qseven heatspreader, an ADD2 VGA interface card, and a SVGA TFT display (including backlight inverter). The development package also includes a bootable USB memory stick with a Ubuntu Linux installation. The MSC Q7-SK-US15W-RP-001 Qseven starter kit consists only of the baseboard and the Qseven module with heatspreader.

MSC Q7-SK-US15W-RP-002 and Q7-SK-US15W-RP-001 Starter Kits for Qseven Platform

MSC Vertriebs offers three variations of their MSC Q7-US15W Qseven module. The Q7-US15W vary in main features like processor performance and number of SATA ports and PCI Express x1 lanes. The modules feature a compact small form factor of 70 x 70mm. The scalable computer-on-modules were designed for power saving processor technologies (e.g. Intel Atom CPU) and are ideal for mobile, battery-operated, and fanless systems.

With the MSC Q7-MP-RP Qseven reference platform, engineers can perform compliance tests and verify module interoperability. These are important elements to support the complete openness of the standard and to ensure the easy interchangeability of compact computer-on-modules from different vendors. The reference platform offers four PCI Express x1 slots, eight USB 2.0 ports, Gbit LAN, and digital audio interfaces.

More info: MSC Vertriebs GmbH