NI TestStand ATML Toolkit

The NI TestStand ATML Toolkit, from National Instruments, helps engineers reduce development and maintenance time by expanding test system component interoperability and increasing test system documentation. The NI TestStand ATML Toolkit features support for the ATML TestDescription standard and improved support for the ATML TestResults standard in NI TestStand. The ATML (Automatic Test Markup Language) is an IEEE standard consisting of XML document formats that describe different aspects of a test system.

The NI TestStand ATML Toolkit 1.0 supports version 1.0.1 of the ATML TestDescription standard and version 2.0.2 of the ATML TestResults standard.

With the TestStand ATML Toolkit, engineers can reduce development and maintenance time as well as effort by automating tasks such as generating code templates based on ATML TestDescription documents, applying changes in ATML TestDescription documents to existing test sequences, and increasing the amount of useful information included in reports.

The NI TestStand ATML Toolkit can translate ATML TestDescription documents into NI TestStand sequences, NI LabVIEW VIs and NI LabWindows(TM)/CVI functions that developers can use as starting points to develop their test software. The new feature reduces development time by automating the previously manual process of translating an ATML TestDescription document to an executable application. Engineers also can use the toolkit to apply changes from an updated ATML TestDescription document to a previously translated NI TestStand sequence file, reducing maintenance time and effort. In addition, the toolkit increases the amount of information in the ATML TestResults report compared to the current version of NI TestStand, providing developers with more relevant and rich information in their test result reports.

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