2009 Asian Power Architecture Conferences

The Asian Power Architecture Conference (ASIA PAC) series will take place October 14 in Beijing, China, October 16 in Tokyo, Japan, and October 19 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The ASIA PAC series is focused exclusively on the Power Architecture technology platform and its ecosystem. Experts will share insights and practical design ideas that can speed development time and ensure systems are prepared to meet increasing demands for performance and scalability. The one-day conferences are designed to advance Power Architecture technology, foster continued breakthroughs in innovation, and accelerate its use in the Asian design community.


  • How to design SoCs based on the Power Architecture standard
  • Simulation and Hypervisor Virtualization technology for Power Architecture
  • Multicore Power Architecture technology
  • Power Architecture Roadmap
  • Power Virtualization – Enabling Multicore SoC Platforms
  • Licensing and Building Brand Equity

The 2009 ASIA PAC will highlight the latest announcements and initiatives from Power.org. The event will feature tutorials, solutions, and demonstrations from industry experts. The ASIA PAC is ideal for engineers, designers, SoC architects, software and third party tool developers, decision makers, and academia.

Attendees will gain the knowledge, insight, tools, and connections needed to help their companies use Power Architecture technology to break down the barriers to innovation. Attendance is free to qualified participants. Advanced registration is required.

The Asia Power Architecture Conferences are supported by Platinum Sponsors Freescale and IBM; Gold Sponsor Synopsys and Denali Software, and Silver Sponsor Virtutech.

More info: 2009 Power Architecture Conference Series