EVE ZeBu-Server Compiles One-Billion Gate Design in Less Than 12 Hours

EVE announced that their ZeBu-Server emulation system offers fast compile times that range from five to 30-million gates per hour on PC farms, depending on the design’s complexity. In a recent benchmark, ZeBu-Server software compiled a 200-million gate design in less than 10 hours, and a one-billion gate design in less than 12 hours. With its fully parallel synthesis, partitioning and place and route features, ZeBu-Server can accelerate first-time compilation, while an incremental compilation capability speeds design changes. The compiler includes a multicore acceleration capability to break the linearity of the compile time on large designs and can increase compilation speed to a maximum of 100-million gates per hour on designs with hundreds of million gates. ZeBu-Server offers automated, fast and incremental compilation from SystemVerilog, Verilog, and VHDL register transfer level (RTL) code. It includes complete RTL signal waveform dumping and support for SystemVerilog Assertions.

More info: EVE (Emulation & Verification Engineering)