ScanExpress JTAG Embedded Test Library Supports Over 1000 Processors

Corelis announced that its ScanExpress JTAG Embedded Test (JET) library now supports almost 1,100 processors. Processor families such as Freescale Power Architecture and Intel Atom are now available. ScanExpress JET is a functional test pattern generator, debugger, tester, and exerciser tool for microprocessors with on-chip debug features accessible through their JTAG port. The tool can be used as a stand-alone functional test station or in conjunction with traditional boundary-scan test techniques. This means that sound structural tests for opens and shorts can be performed via boundary-scan while at-speed functional testing can be performed using the CPU to run test programs loaded into memory. ScanExpress JET can even run functional tests and diagnose faulty boards even when the embedded CPU is not able to boot and the board self test is not operational.

More info: Corelis