International NoTA Conference

The Internation NoTA Conference will take place September 30 to October 1, 2009 at the Cypress Semiconductor Headquarters (198 Champion Court, Bldg. 6; San Jose, California 95134). The NoTA (short for Network on Terminal Architecture) community is defining standards for open innovation in mobile and embedded systems, which will impact the rollout of LTE and 4G related products, among other things. The cost of the second annual international NoTA conference is $661.

NoTA Conference Topics

  • Mobile device architectures
  • Testing and verification in NoTA architecture
  • Multimedia subsystems
  • Business impacts of open solutions
  • Intelligent subsystems
  • Smart environments

NoTA is a flexible, service-based platform that offers scalability in features, performance, and cost. NoTA is a modular service-based architecture framework for embedded devices with the basic paradigm the same as in Web Services. The NoTA approach moves away from the tightly coupled architecture widely in use today and implements a distributed, modular system.

NoTA addresses the many issues associated with today’s tightly coupled systems by introducing a new architecture built around subsystems, or modules. NoTA was introduced by a group of companies, led by Nokia, and is being developed as an industry-wide, open standard. Target industries are telecommunications and embedded systems. The many benefits of NoTA (faster time-to-market, scalability, and easier integration of new features) are attractive to hardware and software application developers.

A NoTA platform consists of loosely connected services running on top of heterogeneous subsystems. The applications in the final product exploit these services. In NoTA-based systems, all service and data communication is routed via the interconnect network. The distributed architecture makes data streaming more efficient by enabling direct communication channels between service nodes.

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