Kozio kDiagnostics Design Suite Supports Texas Instruments OMAP 3

Kozio kDiagnostics Design Suite now supports the Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP 3 application processor family. The kDiagnostics Design Suite supports the OMAP34x and OMAP35x processor families. kDiagnostics is a high-integrity validation suite for comprehensive at-speed functional testing, debug, and diagnostics. The tool suite is ideal for mobile device OEMs and other designers building products on the OMAP 3 platform. Kozio’s kDiagnostics Design Suite with OMAP 3 processor support is available this month. The price for the royalty-free kDiagnostics Design Suite starts at $19,950.

The Kozio solution of comprehensive in-system test and diagnostics has been engineered to assist users in delivering the highest levels of quality and reliability, while reducing schedule and risk. Supporting the OMAP 3 processor family extends these benefits to the rapidly-growing, technically-demanding market for Smartphones, MIDs, and other portable products. Kozio will continue to support the OMAP platform as TI releases future 45nm OMAP 3 products.

kDiagnostics Design Suite contains a ‘test and diagnostics executive’, runs on the target OMAP processor system hardware, and executes test methods and suites under user control. Kozio delivers test methods and suites, personalized to a specific board design, that exhaustively verify all CPUs, memories, peripherals, storage devices, connections, displays, and audio channels. These standard methods and suites provide both deep and broad test functionality, delivering the highest level of test coverage within minutes of system power on. Users can add new test routines interactively or by using Kozio’s API to write new test routines in a high-level language.

The highly-integrated OMAP 3 applications processors are high performance, low power solutions that deliver advanced multimedia, imaging and general purpose processing capabilities to a range of portable devices. Designers who deploy kDiagnostics Design Suite reduce schedule, cost and risk, by finding and fixing system design defects early.

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