Wind River Tilcon Graphics Suite 5.7

Wind River introduced Tilcon Graphics Suite 5.7, which is a development solution for building and deploying multi-platform, highly usable graphical user interfaces (GUI) for multifunctional embedded devices. The Tilcon Graphics Suite features tighter integration with VxWorks. Wind River Tilcon Graphics Suite v5.7 enables manufacturers to more easily produce rich user interfaces for their devices and at a lower cost than traditional GUI software. This is the first version of the Tilcon Graphics Suite to offer standard support for Wind River Linux.

Wind River Tilcon Graphics Suite 5.7 Components

  • Tilcon Interface Development Tool (IDT)
    Tilcon IDT offers an innovative and agile host simulation approach to GUI design and development, allowing users to design, prototype, simulate and test an embedded GUI early in development without coding and before writing any product code.

  • Tilcon GUI Engine
    A run-time platform that runs on the device’s operating system and integrates all device applications, hardware and software with the developed user interface, running applications and processes while displaying the results for the user. The GUI engine allows graphics changes to be made throughout the process without impacting the underlying application code, reducing time-to-market.

Wind River Tilcon Graphics Suite 5.7 Overview

  • Expanded host support including Windows Vista and Linux
  • Broad set of comprehensive tutorials
  • Tighter integration with other Wind River products with a new Wind River Workbench application template, updated Tilcon Scalability Tool integrated with Wind River Workbench and a TSP for VxWorks Simulator
  • Consistency with other Wind River products by using Wind River licensing and installer

Version 5.7 of the Tilcon Graphic Suite now offers target support packages (TSP) for VxWorks 6.7 and Wind River Linux 3.0. When combined with either of these industry platforms, the Wind River Tilcon Graphics Suite provides customers and partners with improved usability and workflow, along with many other benefits that come with adopting a single, fully integrated software development solution and support from a single supplier.

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