VIA ACE-CNX Security Service

VIA Technologies created the ACE-CNX security service to help customers harness the power of the Advanced Cryptographic Engine (ACE) embedded at the core of all VIA processors. With the VIA ACE-CNX service, a team of security experts will work closely with customers to implement data encryption standards that meet widely accepted international standards. The advantage of data encryption through the hardware, as opposed to software, is that the encryption is seamless, fast and entirely unobtrusive to the end user.

The flexible VIA ACE-CNX service can be employed in a wide variety of scenarios where seamless data encryption is required. Data encryption can be used to protect valuable proprietary content in digital signage infrastructures; it can also be used to protect data in remote access or VPN scenarios while application and database repositories can be encrypted, making the threat of data theft redundant.

VIA Nano, VIA C7 and VIA Eden processors have an integrated security engine that can be used to encrypt and decrypt data on-the-fly. The Advanced Cryptographic Engine also provides a range of crucial security features that can be used as the center of an infrastructure where data is made secure through a rigorous and virtually unbreakable cryptographic algorithm.

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