VaST CoMET and METeor with OSCI TLM2 Support, SystemC Modeling Library

VaST Systems rolled out CoMET and METeor version 6.3 virtual prototyping tools. CoMET is a system engineering tool for the creation of software simulation-based virtual prototypes (VP) of a system-on-a-chip. METeor is an interactive, real-time software development environment for embedded systems and system-on-chip (SoC). The new version of CoMET and METeor support OSCI TLM2.0.1.

OSCI TLM2.0.1 enables 3rd party IP and tools interoperability for standards based design flows. Existing OSCI TLM2 models can be easily integrated and new OSCI TLM2 models can be quickly developed from templates supporting many variations of TLM sockets and coding styles. VaST’s high speed and cycle accurate Virtual Processor Models (VPMs) and bus models can co-exist and co-simulate with OSCI coding styles such as loosely-timed and approximately-timed, while still delivering the fastest most accurate virtualization environment in the industry.

CoMET 6.3 includes the VaST Modeling Library (VML), which is a C++ source code library. VML enables fast modeling of peripheral devices from pre-coded library elements that handle many of the functions common in most peripheral models. Register sets can be defined that group registers with bitfields. Access masks and address decoding mechanisms are provided as well as handling of endianness and register access timing. Function stubs are provided to allow user specified behavior and timing. The callback based VML modeling methodology enables efficient creation of high speed, cycle-accurate models with built-in debugging mechanisms.

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