Marvell Qdeo HD Video Evaluation Blu-ray Disk

Marvell announced a high definition (HD) test disk for the objective evaluation of the quality of video processing in HD audio-video products like Blu-ray players, AV receivers, and HDTVs. The HD test disk has been designed for comprehensive testing of the main elements of video processing, namely noise reduction, format conversion, and image enhancement. The noise reduction test patterns check the ability of the system under test to reduce analog and digital noise. The format conversion test patterns provide a comprehensive test of the capabilities of the de-interlacing done by the system. The enhancement patterns check for the presence and performance of a variety of leading-edge types of enhancements including detail enhancement, adaptive contrast enhancement, intelligent color remapping, and bit-resolution-expansion. The disk also includes a set of test patterns for calibration of the video settings of the system, as well as a demonstration section and an HD video montage to show the visual impact of high quality video processing.

More info: Qdeo Technology | Marvell