TI MCU Day – Worldwide Training Event

TI MCU Day is a free, one-day technical training event covering Texas Instruments’ microcontroller (MCU) portfolio — including MSP430 ultra-low power MCUs, TMS320C2000 real-time MCUs, ARM Cortex-M3-based Stellaris MCUs, and ARM9-based OMAP-L1x applications processors. The training event will be held at more than 150 locations worldwide. MCU Day will feature architecture overviews, product updates, and information on key applications such as motor control, portable medical, metering, low power wireless, and energy harvesting. The event will also offer attendees tips and tricks for getting started with the latest TI MCUs and tools. All attendees will receive exclusive discounts on select MCU and OMAP processor development systems.

TI MCU Day Topics

MSP430 MCU Overview

  • MSP430 Getting Started: the perfect architecture for ultra-low power apps
  • What applications benefit from the MSP430 MCU?
  • Find out about the growing MSP430F5xx portfolio with 1.8 to 3.6V, power management modules, an internally controlled voltage regulator and up to 256 kB memory
  • Learn about the newest MSP430 technologies like RF, USB and FRAM
  • Find out which MSP430 is right for your application
  • Get the support you need with the latest Code Composer Studio IDE, v4, hardware and software tools as well check out the CC430-based Chronos Watch, it’s the coolest development kit since the eZ430

TMS320C2000 MCU Overview

  • C2000 Getting Started: The right architecture for real-time control
  • Learn reasons why 32-bit C2000 MCUs are ideal for control
  • Get information on architectures and key features
  • Which C2000 MCU is best for your application? Learn more about the popular Piccolo and Delfino Series
  • Get the support you need with the new C2000 controlCARD based tools, the Piccolo controlSTICK and excellent hardware reference platforms and software libraries

Stellaris Cortex M3 MCU

  • Industrial solutions using Stellaris, the leading Cortex-M3 solution includes leading peripherals like 10/100 Ethernet MAC+PHY, CAN, USB On-The-Go, USB Host/Device among others
  • Learn more about Stellaris Family technology and unique capabilities and tools to help you get from “zero to 32 bits” in less than 10
  • Accelerate your time to market with Stellaris reference design kits for motion control and connectivity applications that provide optimized, working reference designs
  • StellarisWare makes design easy through C/C++ based programming, even interrupt service routines and startup code

OMAPL1x based on ARM9

  • Find out how the OMAPL1x enables OEMs and ODMs to quickly bring to market devices featuring robust operating systems support, rich user interfaces at leading low power levels
  • Dual-core architecture of the device provides benefits of both DSP and RISC technologies

TI MCU Day Schedule

  • Brazil: October 12 – 23
  • China: September 8 – October 26
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa: September 8 – October 22
  • India: November 23 – 30
  • Japan: September 9 – October 16
  • North America: September 9 – 10
  • South America: September 2 – 16
  • Taiwan: September 8 – 17

More info: TI MCU Day 2009