Questa Multi-view Verification Components Library Supports HDMI

The Questa Multi-view Verification Components (MVC) library from Mentor Graphics now supports HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), which is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data. The Questa MVC library speeds up functional verification of integrated circuits (ICs) incorporating HDMI interface logic and improves verification coverage for complex multi-media platforms. Questa MVC support for HDMI is available immediately.

Mentor’s Questa Multi-view Verification Components can connect to any level of abstraction from system to gates — ensuring consistent model behavior and giving the verification team more options to improve performance and increase coverage. The multi-view technology greatly reduces debug time through recognition of protocol stacks. This allows simulation results, from RTL verification, to be viewed as sequences of initiated transactions and responses, with the RTL signal activity correlated to a higher level transaction view of activity.

Each protocol, such as the HDMI, supported by the Questa MVC library includes a verification plan with full coverage metrics that integrates with the Questa Verification Management system. The verification plan easily incorporates into hierarchical full-chip verification plans. Questa Verification Management provides visibility into the status of the verification process by providing correlation of coverage metrics to the verification plan.

The MVC library is written in SystemVerilog and supports OVM 2.0 with stimulus generation, reference checking, monitoring and functional coverage for popular protocols such as HDMI. This enables fast development of tests for all aspects of standard protocols for directed and constrained-random verification environments.

More info: Mentor Graphics