IET and Electronics Weekly Seminar for Programmable Systems

The IET and Electronics Weekly announced their joint event on Programmable Systems. The seminar and workshop will take place October 20-21, 2009 at the Marriott Hotel, Swindon, UK. The IET and Electronics Weekly seminar and workshop on Programmable Systems offers all systems engineers, developers, and managers the opportunity to update their knowledge and learn from experts at the forefront of programmable systems technologies. The event is split into a full day seminar and a half-day workshop.

Programmable Systems Forum Sessions

Meeting systems requirements and pressures of each market sector

  • The new emerging requirements
  • Dealing with market pressure
  • Designing systems: understanding and meeting market demand
  • Cost-effective time to market

Cost effective systems delivery

  • Delivery on the consumer price break
  • Avoiding costly design rework
  • Falling prices and mass production
  • Continual efficiency developments and the systems’ impacts

Advanced techniques to verify system

  • Verification challenges
  • Pressure on projects in a mass consumer market
  • Design and verification of the FPGA and emerging devices
  • Classical flow and verification

Key challenges in systems design and performance

  • Performance criteria and volume in programmable systems
  • Performance decisions and positive effects on the bottom-line
  • Safety critical implications and the consumer market
  • Quality of design, flow and performance for specified markets

Streamlining and maximising the design work flow in systems

  • Streamlining the work flow
  • Strategies to avoid breaking the design flow
  • Assessment of software and hardware design and mixes of two
  • Design flows for future and mixed markets

New solutions for the future systems world

  • Current key challenges in the systems world
  • Reducing systems’ complexity and improving reliability
  • Programmable solutions to turn design quickly
  • Moving systems forward in challenging situations

More info: 5th Annual Seminar for Programmable Systems