Kilopass ROM-it! ROM Conversion Option

ROM-it!, from Kilopass Technology, is a read only memory (ROM) conversion option for their One-Time Programmable Memory (OTP) product lines. ROM-it! will eliminate programming test cost for OTP. ROM-it! enables conversion from OTP to ROM with no additional area overhead. The antifuse technology supports a ROM conversion without increasing the bitcell area. All the existing products can be converted to ROM without altering the aspect ratio. Engineers using XPM can convert their solution today.

The major tradeoff designers make between using an OTP versus a ROM is programmability versus test cost. An OTP can be programmed at wafer, final test, or in system but requires typically 50us to 2us of program time per bit or byte depending on the technology. For high capacity memory, the test time can be in the seconds potentially. For electrical programmability, the test cost may well justify it. But, when code matures by high volume production, Kilopass has a path to lowering the cost of manufacturing by eliminating the majority of the OTP test cost, programming test time. ROM-it! converts XPM OTP to ROM with a 1-layer VIA change for 90nm and below processes or a 2-layer OD and Poly change for 130nm and above.

Kilopass is accepting designs now for immediate manufacturing.

More info: Kilopass Technology